IN - Keeping Chemo in the Corridor
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On April 30th, the Rotary Club of Squamish is holding a fundraiser at the West Coast Railway Park to raise the initial funds for the overdue expansion of the Squamish General Hospital Pharmacy needed to house the equipment required for chemotherapy. Patients living in communities from Furry Creek in the south to D'arcy in the north visit Squamish General Hospital for their chemotherapy needs.

This project was identified to the Rotary Club by the Corridor Health Care Foundations as a health care priority. The Regional Health Care Authority supports this project, and Vancouver Coastal Health is committed to this as well. This fundraiser will not achieve the financial requirement for the project; all parties will be required to fund this much needed upgrade.

Too many of our community members are dependent on our local chemotherapy program. The Rotary Club of Squamish wishes involve the community in the support for this project financially through the fundraiser and to inform residents of the health care services we need to protect and to be inspired by our community members fighting cancer and support our local the health care workers supporting this program